Eye Care

We offer Pediatric Eye Care for children with vision problems, no matter how simple or complex. We specialize in treating cataracts in babies and children, traumatic eye injuries, juvenile glaucoma and a variety of other conditions.  It is important to note that with vision, children are not just little adults. They present unique problems in communication and cooperation for physicians. Our pediatric ophthalmologists, orthoptists, and opticians are specially trained and equipped to diagnose and treat each child.

Orthoptists are specialists in evaluating and treating ocular muscle imbalances and amblyopia for the best possible pediatric eye care. Children often require muscle exercise therapy and/or patching therapy to develop or regain appropriate vision, binocular tracking, and control. Our orthoptic clinic is busy each day training patients to improve their eye alignment and control with prisms and exercises. Utilizing these therapies can often prevent the need for surgery or glasses.

As a team dedicated to providing excellent support in the field of eye care, Centre for Sight has been the provider of clinical opinions and the specialized eye care and conducting surgeries like Laser eye treatment and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, while keeping in touch with the recent cutting edge technology. LASIK surgery is the most popular elective procedure performed today, largely due to the ease of the surgery itself.  Our ideology motivates us to serve our patients suffering from eye ailments under the supervision of specialists and live up to the reputation of being a leading provider of quality eye care.

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